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Economics Research Team

Economic Research Team

The team is responsible for the core analysis done on key macroeconomic variables in the economies of Central Europe. The team will release weekly reports analyzing exchange rate and interest rate trends.  The team is currently planning future reports on stock markets in the region as well as more substantive monthly and quarterly reports on broader macroeconomic trends and current challenges facing the region. The work is provided free of charge on InvestCEE.  The team’s work is conducted under the guidance of Associate Economics Professor and Istvan Szechenyi Chair in International Economics, Christopher Ball, Quinnipiac University Economics Department.


The Economics Research Team is composed of undergraduate economics majors at Quinnipiac University (USA). 

The Fall 2019 Team (pictured top right):  

Cole Cochran (Economics, 2020)

Bryan Doherty (Economics/Data Analytics, 2020)

Jack French (Economics, 2021)

Hudson Molinari (Economics, 2020)

Niamh Savage (Economics/Accounting, 2020)

Timothy Wesson (Economics, 2021)

The Fall 2019 Team (left to right):  Jack French, Hudson Molinari, Prof. Chris Ball, Cole Cochran, Bryan Doherty, and Niamh Savage

The Spring 2019 Team (pictured top right):  

Tyler Brierley (Economics/Political Science, 2020)

Ethan Carilli (Economics/Political Science, 2019)

Tyler Culp (Economics, 2019)

Bryan Doherty (Economics, 2020)

Stephen Kern (Economics/Computer Science, 2019)

The Spring 2019 Team (left to right):  Prof. Chris Ball, Stephen Kern, Tyler Brierley, Ethan Carilli,  Tyler Culp, and Bryan Doherty

The Fall 2018 Team (pictured bottom right):  

Tyler Brierley (Economics/Political Science, 2020)

Ethan Carilli (Economics/Political Science, 2019)

Jon Chefitz (Economics, 2021)

Stephen Kern (Economics/Computer Science, 2019)

The Fall 2018 Team (left to right):  Tyler Brierley, Stephen Kern, Ethan Carilli, and Prof. Chris Ball.

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