Warsaw among 20 richest regions in EU: Eurostat

The Polish capital has been ranked the 19th wealthiest region in the European Union, the bloc’s statistics agency has reported.

Warsaw’s GDP per capita is 152 percent of the EU average, according to the Eurostat agency’s study focused on 2017 data.

Warsaw was outranked by two Central and Eastern European cities: Prague, in seventh place, and Bratislava, which came eighth. The British capital came top of the ranking, with the inhabitants of London-West enjoying over six times the EU average GDP per capita (626 percent).

The city was followed by Luxembourg (253 percent), Dublin (220 percent) and Hamburg (202 percent). Three Polish provinces are among the poorest in the 28-member bloc: eastern Lublin (49 percent of EU average), Warmia and Mazury and Podkarpacie (48 percent in both cases), the agency said.

Northeastern Bulgaria is the EU’s poorest region, whose GDP per capita is 31 percent of the EU average.



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