Update on COVID-19 Situation in Poland

By: The Quinnipiac University Economics Research Team, Michael Szwaja

Poland's health minister Adam Niedzielski has expressed great concern about the alarming increase of daily coronavirus cases and deaths over the past several weeks. That led Niedzielski to consider extending the country's strict coronavirus guidelines from late December into late January. The guidelines consist of online educational learning for students and temporary closures of cinemas, museums, and other related entertainment businesses. As the winter season is approaching, it may lead to higher risks for transmission and infection of COVID-19.

Poland's Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska declared that the country expects 1.1 million vaccines in part of its national vaccination program. That would be enough for 500,000 health service workers, who will be among the first to be offered shots. This announcement provides hope for Poland's citizens and businesses; however, Kraska expressed that certain restrictions such as a face mask mandate will be in effect until next summer because it will take a significant amount of time for coronavirus vaccinations to be available for all Polish citizens.

It can be assumed that Poland's economy will still be adversely affected over the winter due to strict guidelines and the growing rate of cases. However, the distribution of vaccinations should ease the spike of coronavirus cases and stress on the medical system, which may also reduce the fear of the virus for some of its citizens. As of now, Poland's economy outlook is bleak, but the emergence of vaccinations seems promising for next year.

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