Update on coronavirus in Hungary

Over the past twenty-four hours, Hungary saw forty-three new COVID deaths, most of which were elderly individuals with underlying health conditions. The new total number of deaths is 1,578. The total number of infections rose by 2,291 to 65,933. There have been 17,098 recoveries. Currently, there are 47,257 active infections, 3,166 of whom are hospitalized, and 263 of whom are on ventilators. There are 36,678 people in home quarantine, and 1,017,689 tests have been conducted. Masks are required in stores, public transportation, and outdoor events. Restaurants and other entertainment close at 11pm. Schools are currently on break and are being cleaned. Nursing home visits are banned.

Link: https://hungarymatters.hu/2020/10/29/coronavirus-43-die-infections-up-by-2291/


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