“Unicorn” Startups Prospering in Poland

By: The Quinnipiac University Economics Research Team, Nicholas Ciampanelli

According to a report published by Google For Startups, Poland has the greatest number of “unicorns,” startup companies valued greater than 1 billion USD, in Central and Eastern Europe. The most valuable of these companies is InPost, a parcel delivery company, valued at EUR 8.4 billion – this is also the third most-valuable startup in the region.

This growth in Polish unicorn startups is largely driven by foreign investment which comprises approximately 90% of all such funding in the past five years. Additionally, investments are largely within the enterprise software industry, with an emphasis on goods and services for process automation, developer & collaboration tools, software development, cybersecurity, and marking & sales.

This article is based on: https://poland-today.pl/poland-has-most-unicorns-in-cee-but-second-worst-tax-system-in-oecd/


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