Unemployment in South Moravia Falls in October

The lowest unemployment rate (2%) was reported in Vyškov, while the highest rate (4.8%) was reported in the city of wine, Znojmo. In Brno-město, 4.2% of people did not have work in October. Brno-město had the highest number of job vacancies in the region, 8,683.

2018 data from Brno-město District, the most populated part of South Moravia show the downward trend, with occasional stable periods. In January 2018, the unemployment rate in the region stood at 5%.

The average gross wage in the region was 29,860 CZK (September 2018), according to data from the Czech Statistical Office. Wages in South Moravia have shown an 8.7% rise since January 1, 2018.

The unemployment rate in the Czech Republic fell to its lowest level in more than 21 years this October. Last month, unemployment fell slightly to 2.8%. Previous figures from the Czech Labour Office reported an unemployment rate of 3% for September and 3.1% for August.



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