Slovakian Caregivers Under Supported as Pandemic Continues

By: The Quinnipiac Economics Research Team, Christopher Longchamp

The Caretaker Industry is one of the hardest hit industries in Slovakia when the pandemic hit. The caregivers have worked long shifts and have continued to care for the elderly during the pandemic. However, many in the industry feel as though they have been under supported during the pandemic.

The next wave of caregivers is just not there. The supply of people willing and able to enter the field has continued to decline since the pandemic started when many quit. Many more will retire in the coming years. This problem is not helped by the average caregiver in Slovakia being 50 to 60 years old and the work coming with little to no benefits.

Caregivers have also had to take on more responsibilities since the pandemic such as taking blood sugar levels, giving insulin injections, and giving medicine to the elderly. Nurses should be doing this work, but with the pandemic also putting a dent in the supply of nurses available, it has been left to the caregivers to continue this work as well.

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