• Rajan Doering

Reopening of stores in Romania

Source: https://business-review.eu/property/commercial/investments-of-over-half-a-million-euro-made-by-large-shopping-centers-in-preparation-for-reopening-the-number-of-visitors-could-return-to-normal-in-december-210944

Stores in Romania reopen on June 15. In all, over half a million euros have been spent by large shopping centers on equipment, supplies, and staff needed to implement new safety precautions, such as disinfecting high-touch areas and performing temperature screenings.

The shutdown caused a decline in the revenue for retail businesses; almost half anticipate a drop of over thirty percent. Even once they reopen, retail businesses are expecting half as many visitors as they had prior to the lockdown. Pedestrian traffic is currently down by 30-40%, which is an increase from a few months ago when it was down by over 80%.

Original article: https://business-review.eu/property/commercial/investments-of-over-half-a-million-euro-made-by-large-shopping-centers-in-preparation-for-reopening-the-number-of-visitors-could-return-to-normal-in-december-210944


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