Private Sector Increasingly Criticizes the Slovakian Government’s Response to COVID-19

By: The Quinnipiac University Economics Research Team, Nicholas Ciampanelli

According to a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SOPK) are unsatisfied with the government’s response in supporting the private sector throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Such dissent arose from the government’s form and intensity of aid. Additionally, SOPK members suggested the private sector continues struggling through the pandemic due to high taxes and levies, along with an intense decline in foreign demand.

Alongside these perceptions of the government’s COVID-19 response, respondents criticized the lack of communication between the government and the private sector. Only five percent (5%) of respondents viewed the relationship positively, and forty-nine percent (49%) expressed negative feelings about the government’s communication. Additionally, seventy percent (70%) of respondents viewed the Slovakian business environment as unfavorable, coupled with twenty-four percent (24%) of respondents believing the business environment has stagnated throughout the pandemic. With such widespread criticism, the Slovakian government faces various challenges to restore its relationship with the private sector.

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