President signs into law package of 100 changes for Polish firms

Polish President Andrzej Duda has signed into law a series of measures aiming to reduce the regulatory burden on firms, and improve the ease of doing business

The changes will provide new firms with a “right to error.” If a company has been created within the past 12 months, regulatory bodies will be more lenient towards any accidental breeches of the law.

In addition, the measures include changes to how VAT is applied to imports, a move aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Polish ports, and will extend some forms of consumer protection to very small firms.

This week’s legislation comes as part of wider efforts to change Poland’s business environment.

Earlier this month the president approved the introduction of new types of firm ownership, hoping to encourage people to start their own businesses.,President-signs-into-law-package-of-100-changes-for-Polish-firms


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