Polish wine producers growing in number

There are around 230 vineyards operating in Poland, double the number four years ago, a Polish daily has reported.

Domestic wine is gaining popularity in the country and is increasingly sold at discount shops, the Rzeczpospolita daily reported.

Polish-produced wine is also available at wine shops, where it sometimes carries a three-digit price tag, which, however, does not deter consumers, the paper said.

The total area of land cultivated for wine grapes across the country has reached 394 hectares, according to Rzeczpospolita.

Poland’s 2017/2018 vintage output stood at 5,207 hectolitres, a far cry from Italy’s annual wine production of 55 million hectolitres from 900,000 hectares of land.

Poland’s temperate climate provides more favourable conditions for white wine to be produced, the paper said.



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