Polish wages to catch up with Germany’s in 59 years?

Salaries in Poland are growing steadily, but it could take 59 years before Polish employees earn as much as those in Germany on average, according to a study.

The Salary Catch Up Index report by the Grant Thornton consulting company said wages in Poland grew 4.53 percent year-on-year in 2016, the fifth fastest rate in the European Union.

However, the study said the average Polish monthly salary was EUR 928 (USD 1,060), which according to the EU’s Eurostat statistics agency is a third of the EU average, EUR 2,900.

Polish wages could catch up with the EU average in 2039 if current salary growth rates were maintained, according to the report.

The study by Grant Thornton also indicated that wages in Poland have not been growing as fast as the country's economy.



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