Polish SMEs lagging behind in using big data

Polish small and medium-sized companies are lagging behind in the use of modern technology.

A new study by the European Union’s statistics agency has shown that the level of “big data” technology used by Polish entrepreneurs is one of the lowest in the bloc.

In 2016, only 6 percent of Polish companies were using big data analysis to predict business trends and customer behaviour, with a slight increase to 8 percent in 2018, according to Puls Biznesu.

Meanwhile, 26 percent of small and mid-sized Maltese companies used big data technology in 2018, followed by Dutch and Belgian businesses, at 22 and 20 percent respectively, the paper reported.

Puls Biznesu added that only 5 percent of Polish entrepreneurs were using geolocation data, and just 2 percent have introduced the Internet of Things.

An expert quoted by the daily said that the reluctance to deploy modern technologies makes Polish companies less competitive internationally.



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