Polish food industry expected to grow in 2020

Poland’s food industry will expand this year on the back of growing demand at home and abroad, according to a study.

“Food is one of Poland’s strongest industries, accounting for a 9% share in the EU food industry,” Dutch trade credit insurer Atradius has said in a report.

It added: “Domestic and export demand continues to grow, with almost 4% value added growth expected in 2020.”

Poland’s food retail sector “is characterised by fierce competition, high price pressure and changing consumer behaviour,” according to the Market Monitor Food Poland 2019 report.

The study also found that “the number of payment delays and insolvencies” in the Polish food industry “remains elevated” as larger businesses “use their leverage against suppliers demanding long payment terms or to prolong payments in order to improve their own cash flow.”

A package of regulations designed to limit payment delays among businesses took effect in Poland this year, officials have noted.


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