Polish firm delivers equipment for European Space Agency

Polish space technology company Astri Polska has fulfilled a contract to provide the European Space Agency with instruments designed for a next-generation weather satellite project.

Earlier this week Astri Polska said it had delivered the last of eight instruments ordered by the agency.

The instruments are destined for a European programme to create two new meteorological satellites to monitor the climate and allow for better weather forecasting.

Astri Polska’s equipment will be used to test the satellites before launch to identify any issues.

The instruments have been designed to operate at temperatures as low as minus 20 Celsius, allowing them to be used in Arctic research stations.

Maciej Kaniecki, a senior Astri Polska employee who worked on the MetOp-SG project, said: “Thanks to these instruments, the operators of the satellites will be able to check whether the equipment reacts to commands as expected, and whether it can transmit acquired data as required.”

Astri Polska was founded in 2010. It employs 80 Polish engineers.

The firm has previously worked on projects for the European Space Agency.



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