Poles visiting Chinese online stores for Christmas gifts: daily

Poles are browsing through Chinese online stores en masse in search of Christmas gifts, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The Rzeczpospolita daily quoted a survey according to which it said 1.4 million Poles visited Chinese online stores this past Sunday alone as the holiday season approaches.

In an article headlined “Santa Claus from China,” Rzeczpospolita notes that November 11 was Independence Day in Poland, but in China it was an online shopping fest known as Singles Day.

Meanwhile, online shopping in general is becoming increasingly popular in Poland, according to Rzeczpospolita.

The paper says the country’s e-commerce statistics for 2018 will likely prove to be higher than in previous years.

This is in part due to restrictions on brick-and-mortar Sunday trading in Poland, which the paper says have forced some customers to shop online.

Trading in Poland this year has been banned on two Sundays each month. Next year the ban will be stepped up to three Sundays a month.

In 2020, trading will be forbidden on all Sundays except seven.

The ban does not apply to online stores.



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