Poland to invest in railways: report

The Polish government has revealed plans to further invest in the country’s railways, as it expects at least 100 million more passengers to use trains by 2030, the Puls Biznesu daily has reported.

According to a government study cited by the business daily, 277 million Poles travelled by train in 2015, while the Infrastructure Ministry forecasts that the market could grow by at least 100 million passengers by 2030.

The paper said that the ministry has also come up with a more optimistic estimate: up to 189 million more Poles using trains in 2030.

According to Puls Biznesu, the Infrastructure Ministry plans upgrades which would allow trains in Poland to travel at over 200 kilometres per hour between major cities. The paper added that while currently there are 19,000 kilometres of railways in Poland, only 1 percent of them allows trains to reach such speeds.



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