Poland splashes out on space tech

Poland’s National Centre for Research and Development has launched a competition for companies producing new space technology in a bid to stimulate the country’s growing space sector, business newspaper Puls Biznesu reported on Friday.

The paper quoted the centre’s director, Wojciech Kamieniecki, as saying that Polish companies involved in the space sector were gaining an increased foothold in the international space research market. In the competition, companies will compete for subsidies which total almost PLN 300 million (EUR 70m), the newspaper reported.

Last year, Poland’s ruling conservative Law and Justice party announced a new National Space Programme, under which the country will shell out to develop its own satellite systems and new space technology.

The programme came with a budget of around PLN 1.4 billion (EUR 340m) planned for the next seven years. In April, Poland’s first-ever observation satellite, Światowid, was launched from the NASA space centre on Wallops Island in the United States.



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