Poland’s labour costs roughly a third of EU average: Eurostat

The cost of employing a worker in Poland is roughly a third of the EU average, the bloc’s statistics agency has reported.

The European Union’s average hourly labour costs were estimated at EUR 27.40 in 2018, while the figure for Poland was EUR 10.10, according to Eurostat. Labour costs in the country rose by 6.8 percent from the previous year.

Labour costs as calculated by Eurostat comprise employee compensation and other expenditure such as training fees and social insurance contributions.

The figures exclude agriculture and the public administration sector.

The cost of employing workers was lower in Bulgaria (EUR 5.40), Romania (EUR 6.90), Lithuania (EUR 9), Hungary (EUR 9.20) and Latvia (EUR 9.30).

The average hourly labour costs in the eurozone stood at EUR 30.60. The highest figures were in countries such as Denmark (EUR 43.50), Luxembourg (EUR 40.60), Belgium (EUR 39.70) and Sweden (EUR 36.60).



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