Poland’s conservatives to give OAPs annual bonus

Polish OAPs will receive an additional pension pay-out every year if the ruling Law and Justice party wins parliamentary elections in the autumn, a senior politician has confirmed.

Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin said in an interview with public broadcaster Polish Radio on Monday that funds had been earmarked in next year’s budget for the pay-outs.

Earlier this year, the Polish parliament passed a law to grant pensioners a bonus of PLN 1,100 (USD 295, EUR 260).

The law stipulated that the additional money would be paid out this year rather than every year.

The conservative government in February announced an ambitious new set of spending pledges.

Among them were the additional benefits for pensioners.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at the time that the total cost of the party’s new pledges was estimated at PLN 30 billion to PLN 40 billion.



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