Poland Experiences post COVID business boom

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By: The Quinnipiac University Economics Research Team, Jack Hangen

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are increasingly looking to nearshore jobs, with Poland being one of the greatest benefactors of this. The practice of nearshoring is when a business moves jobs to nearby countries, as opposed to shifting them to a more distant location. One of the major reasons Poland is experiencing this change is due to the country’s business incentives, which includes a simplified qualitative assessment of investments projects, state aid support, and reducing the barriers to entry for different markets. These measures have increased business activity in Poland as the total number of jobs in the business sector rose by 58% since 2016-Q1. Additionally, businesses are finding greater value in completing tasks from single function operations, which aids in driving these changes. Finally, several studies report that 94% of foreign investors would be willing to reinvest in Polish businesses, aiding in this economic growth.

This article is based upon: https://poland-today.pl/poland-set-to-benefit-from-post-covid-global-business/