New Restrictions Implemented for those Entering Hungary

Release date: July 15, 2020

The Hungarian government announced that, while it does not plan on imposing new restrictions for those within the country, it will be regulating who may and may not enter the country after being abroad. All foreign countries have been categorized as red, yellow, or green depending on the severity of the virus. Any citizen coming into the country from a yellow country will be quarantined until testing negative for the virus, and any citizen coming into the country from a red country will need two negative tests. Those coming from green countries will be given random checks. All citizens from yellow or red countries will undergo a health examination at the border; however, exceptions will be given for those who had two negative COVID tests spaced apart by at least forty-eight hours within five days of entering the country. Non-Hungarian citizens may enter from green countries without restriction. Non-Hungarian citizens, except for permanent residents, may not enter from red countries. Those entering from yellow countries will be tested for the virus. If the test result is positive, they will be banned from entering the country, and if it is negative, they will have a fourteen day quarantine.



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