New InvestCEE Launching

We moved InvestCEE to a new format that will allow us to expand and grow.

  • The ACADEMY will get a major overhaul. We started by finalizing the Special Economic Topics series on Tariffs...check it out! We'll re-post all the videos we had on the old site and begin expanding the collection.

  • The NEWS will continue as before. We aggregate relevant news from the region and add our own articles on special topics on an ad hoc basis. We are beginning to aggregate and post articles already and next week will continue more regularly.

  • The SPECIAL REPORT section will soon include new content weekly that analyzes exchange rates for Central European currencies. We plan our first release middle of next week!

  • The EXCHANGE will come online a little more slowly. We plan to develop it over the coming months. This will give users a way to provide us feedback, request new content and focus, etc. Additionally, we plan it to be a forum through which businesses and investors on both sides of the Atlantic can find each other and connect.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest. As with all transitions, it has taken longer than expected. We appreciate your patience.

We love hearing from you all, we respond to your requests and suggestions. We hope that you like the new format and that it provides you an easier way to communicate directly with us.

Thank you,

The InvestCEE Team


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