Most Slovaks are unaware of where their personal data end up in online space

Nearly 70 percent are afraid of having their personal financial data hacked but they do little to prevent it.

The loss of control over personal data has an affect on most people in Europe. However, up to 49 percent Slovaks do not have a clue where their personal details are stored in the online world.

The European average is even more alarming since as much as 64 percent of people do not know where their data is stored, as stems from a survey carried out by Kaspersky Lab, the TASR newswire reported.

Unable to perform basic protection

The vast majority of Slovaks (80 percent) and Europeans (88 percent) want to know if their data are used illegally. Moreover, 67 percent of Slovaks (and 57 percent of Europeans) would be scared if their financial data is hacked.

At the same time, only about 31 percent of Slovaks trust big companies with being able to protect their personal data, while just 27 percent of Slovaks believe their personal details are safe on the social networks.

Despite these findings, users in Slovakia and Europe do not take necessary steps to make their data safe. Moreover, an alarming number of people fail to perform even simple measures, TASR reported.

One in six (or 16 percent) of Slovak internet users do not secure their Wi-Fi network with a password, while 28 percent said they have not updated the possibilities to secure their Wi-Fi routers. Moreover, 30 percent of respondents do not even use any security software. Firms, which thoroughly protect personal data, cannot stop irresponsible users from using the same or simple password for several accounts or from sharing a password with more people. The question is whether the steps taken by firms are not useless in the end, TASR reported.


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