Monthly Unemployment in Hungary and Poland

By: The Quinnipiac University Economics Research Team, Rajan Doering

When looking at unemployment in Hungary since the beginning of 2019, unemployment had been quite low and was only getting lower; however, it has been steadily trending upwards since the end of 2019 and continues to do so. While Poland started a little higher and also had an increase, its increase has not been nearly as large, and was quickly surpassed by Hungary. It was only after the initial rise started in Hungary that this data started being tracked in Poland. Poland’s unemployment is still rising, although the rate at which it is rising is tapering off significantly. The point in time when the rate of increase got smaller was the same point at which Hungary started decreasing. As coronavirus cases continue to spike and are likely will continue to do so into the beginning of 2021, it will be interested to see how the pandemic and its associated lockdowns continue to affect the economies and unemployment rates of these two countries.


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