Jobspin: Multilingual JOb Fair Aimed at EXPATS

The Czech economy is booming, and the unemployment rate is the lowest in the European Union. That means many companies are looking hard to fill positions.

JobSpin Multilingual Job Fair Powered by Prague.TV takes place Nov. 3 at Anglo-American University from 10 am to 4:30 pm.

The job fair is aimed at candidates with excellent language skills and an international education or work experience. Different companies have various needs, and Czech often is not required. Native speakers of not only English, but other European and world languages can find opportunities.

Companies seek people who speak English or English and another language: most often French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Italian, or Nordic languages.

Entry for job seekers is free, but people should register online in advance at

The job fairs have been popular in the past. Some 600 visitors came to the previous one in Prague on March 3, 2018, and many employers at the time said they had found several strong candidates they would be following up on.

“The companies that will be there will be looking for people with foreign language skills. You don’t need Czech to find a job there,” festival organizer Kateřina Kukrechtová said.

People should bring CVs or résumés and be prepared to discuss openings with company representatives.

The fair works both ways. Job seekers can also find out more about the companies, and see which one might be the best fit for them.

The fair will also have free consulting panels. “Trained recruiters will help you to polish your CV, and give tips on job interviews” Kukrechtová added. Grafton Recruitment will provide free consultations at a special panel throughout the day, and host a 45-minute panel on job interviews and the labor market.

A highlight of the announced panels in Prague is one with Janek Rubeš, aka the Honest Guide, called The Ups & Downs of Expat Life in Prague. People can send a question in now so they can be answered at the fair. Leave a comment on Facebook or send an email to

Relocation experts from Move To Prague will answer questions regarding visas, related documents and accommodation at their stand. They have also prepared a small competition for the visitors.

The schedule of the panels and discussions can be found on the JobSpin website.

Companies that are expected to be at the fair include Accenture, SAP, CDK Global, Grafton Recruitment, Amazon, AB InBev, Comadata, Socialbakers and Monster.

Sectors that will, in particular, have opportunities are IT, logistics, HR and recruiting, marketing, tech support, engineering, customer service, administration, accounting and finance, and sales.

“Print out your CV, come to JobSpin Job Fair and meet your future career,” Kukrechtová said.


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