IT, construction specialists in highest demand: report

Engineers, construction and IT specialists will be among the most sought-after employees in the coming year, according to human resources agencies quoted.

2019 will see computer science geeks like Java/Java Script programmers along with security professionals, and support teams top the employability ranking, much as in the previous years. These specialists are said to be headhunted not only by Polish companies but also by multinational service centres. “Polish professionals are top-shelf as regards education and foreign language skills,” Fabian Pietras from the Antal recruitment agency was quoted as saying for Rzeczpospolita. “Growing demand for IT staff is a result of the development of local startups and data security market in Poland,” he adds.

The job market demand translates into salaries, which in the Polish IT sector now average nearly EUR 3,000 gross monthly, especially for programmers. That may also be the lower end of pay a site manager could expect, according to Hays Poland. However, on larger infrastructure projects, they could actually expect double the figure, Rzeczpospolita reports. The average Polish monthly salary is around EUR 1,050.

Demand for engineers or heavy equipment operators will also be urged by the large scale of road and rail investments planned in the country for 2019 , the experts say. They quote data that anticipate 4 out of 10 construction companies envisage staff increases in the first half of 2019 and nearly half of them - pay increases, Rzeczpospolita elaborates.

The importance of language skills on the labour market, specifically in the sector of services and outsourcing was also cited by HR experts who stress that best-paid and hardest to fill vacancies will require the knowledge of at least one foreign language on top of English.,IT-construction-specialists-in-highest-demand-report


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