Incentives proposed for Poland’s working seniors

An additional break from work, reduced taxes and smaller social insurance contributions are some of the proposals of a new draft bill aimed at senior workers in Poland.

The goal of the proposed legislation is to encourage seniors to stay professionally active for longer and companies to employ them. Under the proposal, the Labour Fund could provide financial incentives for employers to take on women over 55 and men over 60, the paper said.

The draft bill was drawn up by workers and employers in the Social Dialogue Council, a forum for cooperation between representatives of workers, employers and the government operating since 2015.

A member of the labour law team of the Social Dialogue Council, Katarzyna Siemienkiewicz, an expert from the Employers of Poland group, said: “The proposals under discussion are balanced. They include both additional rights for employees and incentives for companies.”

Siemienkiewicz added: “Talks will probably not be easy, but the presented solutions are a compromise.”

Trade unionists and employers' organizations will sit down for talks on the proposed changes at a meeting of the council scheduled for Friday.


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