Hungary’s minimum wage to rise 8 % next year: 486 euros

The minimum wages for both skilled and unskilled workers will rise by 8 percent next year, in line with an agreement reached a year earlier between unions, employers and the government, Finance Minister Mihály Varga announced on Monday.

A decree will be published in the official gazette setting the gross monthly minimum wage for skilled labourers at 210,600 forints (EUR 636) and the wage for unskilled labourers at 161,000 forints (486 euros), net wage ca. 107,065 forints (EUR 323), Varga said.

The VKF, a forum of employers unions and the government, agreed a year earlier to raise the minimum wage for skilled and unskilled workers by 8 percent in both 2019 and 2020. However, unions recently pressed for the scale of next year’s increase to be raised, arguing that GDP growth had beaten expectations and pointing out that minimum wage growth is now under overall wage growth. Labour shortage – 6 surgeons resigned out of the total 7 at a Budapest hospital!

The minimum wage rise is part of a framework agreement reached between the sides pairing wage growth with payroll tax cuts.

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