Hungary – Critical labour shortage in the construction industry

Prices are skyrocketing in the construction industry, while the starting date of renovation projects can be delayed by years due to the extreme labour shortage – as Világgazdaság described the current situation in Hungary.

According to the journal, home renovation prices have increased by 30% compared to 2018. As the Hungarian news portal explains, besides the question of how much; who and when will do the job have become important aspects as well.

According to Erzsébet Ács, president of the National Association of Interior Designers, the current situation is considered to be critical, characterised by long subcontracting chains in the construction industry, as a result of which the customer does not even know who performs the actual work.

As the Hungarian news portal describes, the labour shortage in the construction industry is usually resolved by employing Ukrainian migrant workers. She also added that a further problem is that it is almost impossible to find contractors for smaller jobs like bathroom renovations. It is a common trend nowadays that construction companies undertake only larger projects, explains Világgazdaság.

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