Hungarian start-up company is the new favourite of Apple

Dóra Pálfi’s start-up company called Imagilabs does not just provide electronic devices for young women to learn to program but at the same time builds an active community. To invest in their unique app, the Imagicharm, she not only got money from donations but at the same time co-operates with several multinational companies and a Swedish pop star.

Forbes reported that Dóra lives in Stockholm, Sweden, but visits her home country regularly. She never thought about becoming a start-up owner but soon realised that this is the best way to reach her goal: to earn a voice and with that voice to encourage young women to learn computer science. Dóra started to learn neurology and computer science in Abu Dhabi and later did her master’s degree in Sweden in computer-human interaction. The idea of her company also came while she was studying: how to encourage women to study computer science using the knowledge she earned.

Dóra explains that boys usually develope an interest in computers because of different games, but girls rarely play. Still, programming together encouraged them to stay in this field. This also gave her inspiration; she started a start-up company and even started to invest in a brand new app. Of course, Dóra got help from her university friends, who are also the main part of her project. First, they created an application for programming, which is also a social platform where women can share their successes. This comes with a physical device where the actual computing is done.

Multinational companies like the Swedish Erricson noticed this in 2018 and invited them to their start-up program and became their first partner. This spring, the American company Apple invited the three young women. They could meet the biggest minds of computer science. Moreover, Swedish superstar Robyn even ordered a lighting cube from them which they created immediately. The company received widespread acclaim and also a significant income which will be turned into more portable devices and several other developments. Technology is the future but there are not enough women in this field. The three young women would like to make this field more inclusive and to raise their voices in the digital world.

How is Blockchain Changing Computer Gaming in Hungary 

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