Finance minister: Romania’s GDP to exceed RON 1 trillion next year, with a 5.5 % economic growth;

Finance minister Eugen Teodorovici said on Tuesday that next year’s state budget will have to be thoroughly discussed, as the country’s GDP is will exceed the RON 1 trillion threshold for the first time in history, while the government is expecting a 5.5 percent economic growth. He also added that 2019 should be dedicated to investments.

“It’s going to exceed RON 1,000 billion; we’re going to make history, in a good way. We’re estimating about RON 1,022 billion for next year, and this budget needs to be very well thought-out, discussed, debated,” said Teodorovici for Antena 3.

The minister also said that the government wants to obtain a lower budget deficit for next year. He added that the budgets of various institutions can be subject to cuts depending on their plans for 2019, in order to free up money for investments, as “next year must be a year of investments.”

Teodorovici added that the budget for Education will be increased by 15 percent every year, until it reaches a share of 7 percent of GDP.