EU appoints anti-fraud prosecutor

The European Union has appointed Laura Codruta Kövesi to lead the newly-formed European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), an anti-fraud organization based in Luxembourg. The purpose of the office is to handle fraud, corruption, organized crime, and sizable cross-border, value-added tax crimes, as well as other crimes against the EU’s budget. Previously she served as Romania’s prosecutor general, and was the country’s youngest and first female in that role. In her new role, she will be synthesizing the work currently done by prosecutors in 22 different countries. She says her goals are to be efficient, act independently, and earn the trust of citizens. Kövesi believes the EPPO will have to identify and follow through on cases to win over the public.

By the time she starts, she expects to have 3000 cases to handle. The office will investigate the various issues and help recover damages. When prioritizing cases, she will look at the amount of damages, statute of limitations, and positions and levels of authority of the parties in question. While Kövesi says the budget for her office is more than she had requested, it is still small considering they have billions of dollars of fraud to investigate.



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