E. Sylvester Vizi Hands Over Friend of Hungary Award to Christopher Ball, Honorary Consul in Connect

Courtesy of Hungary Today: Fanni Kaszás 2019.06.05.


More than 200 members of the Friends of Hungary Foundation met again on the first weekend of May to discuss how Hungarians living in the diaspora can maintain and pass on their culture to new generations. During the Conference, the Friend of Hungary Awards were also distributed. Christopher Ball, the honorary consul of Hungary in Connecticut, received recognition and was given an award this past weekend at the Alumni Summit of the Hungary Initiatives Foundation by E. Sylvester Vizi, president of the Board of Trustees of the Friends of Hungary Foundation.

Back in May, Christopher Ball, Honorary Consul of Hungary in Connecticut, Director of the Central European Institute at Quinnipiac University, and President of CEENET, a private organization promoting Scientific, Economic and Cultural Relations between the United States and Central Europe, was unable to attend the event in person, but offered his thanks for the award in a video message.

He received the honor for his committed work with Hungary when he lived in Budapest for many years as the Program Director of the Atlantic Council in the 90s. He is extremely honored that the Friends of Hungary Foundation has counted him among the honorary ambassadors of Hungary.

In Zebegény, at the Alumni Summit, E. Sylvester Vizi handed over the Award to Ball. In his recognition speech, Vizi also praised the work of the Hungary Initiatives Foundation, which is committed to strengthening the understanding and cooperation between Hungary and the Unites States of America, as well as the member of the Board of Trustees, Tamás Fellegi, who was President and CEO of the Foundation from its establishment in 2015.

This past weekend, the Hungary Initiatives Foundation brought together all recipients of Quinnipiac- and HIF-sponsored scholarships, internships, and fellowships for the first time, hosted by Christian Sauska in Zebegény. The Summit featured an alumni-only seminar by former recipient Wess Mitchell, Vice-Chairman of CEPA on Széchenyi’s Concept of Political Order, followed by a networking reception with allies from business, non-profit, and government sectors.

NOTE: The only correction we at InvestCEE will add is that this was the 12th Annual Quinnipiac Central European Institute Alumni gathering in Zebegény, Hungary, and the first the QU CEI co-hosted with HIF.


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