Distressing situation on the Hungarian wine market

According to Világgazdaság, the producer price of Hungarian wines is hitting bottom.

The average selling price of white wines that were domestically produced and sold – equipped with the label Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) was 17,900 HUF/hectolitre this May.

This year’s value shows more than 20% decrease compared to last year when 1 hectolitre cost 21,600 HUF, which meant 179 HUF/litre – based on the data of the National Agricultural Research Innovation Center. This year, red and rosé wines without PGI label are sold for 20,700 HUF; while those equipped with protected designation worth 25,300 HUF/hectolitre.

A year earlier wines in this categories were sold for 24,000 and 26,000 HUF – described by the Hungarian news portal, napi.hu. As far as export market is concerned, the situation is even worse. The average price of the domestically produced but internationally merchandised white wines was 20,200 HUF this year, showing a decreasing tendency compared to the previous year’s value – 22,600 HUF. In the case of red and rosé wines, the beverages are exported for 23,200 HUF recently, which has also diminished compared to last May’s value of 24,700 HUF.

According to experts, the decreasing tendency of wine prices is a serious problem, as costs of the Hungarian wine grape production are significantly higher than in the case of greater wine-producing countries of Western Europe.

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