Dedeman establishes the first private equity fund with all-Romanian capital to help SMEs develop

Dedeman, the strongest entrepreneurial business in Romania, will open a private equity fund that will target small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Romania.

The fund will be managed by Laurentiu Ciocirlan, the head of the investment department at Raiffeisen, who spent 15 years at the bank and coordinated one of the biggest stock market listings in Romania.

The fund will be fully financed by Paval Holding, which has a social capital of EUR 1 billion – the largest direct ownership by Romanian entrepreneurs. Paval Holding is the largest company founded in 2018 by capital value and is 60 percent owned by Dragos Paval, while the other 40 percent is owned by his brother, Adrian.

“We believe that it’s the right moment to address this segment, which has too few options for development, despite the fact that they are the most dynamic and promising category in the Romanian economy,” said Dragos Paval.

He also noted that this was going to be the first Romanian-capital private equity fund that aims to “support local companies to both consolidate their presence on the Romanian market as well as expand in the region.”


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