Czech inspections of Polish meat illegal

The European Commission has said that the Czech environment ministry’s inspections of Polish beef exports are discriminatory and run contrary to the EU’s internal market rules, Polish broadcaster RMF FM has reported.

The EU’s executive said the ministry should desist from controlling Polish meat, according to RMF FM.

Prague and Bratislava introduced lab tests for Polish beef last week after salmonella was discovered in 700kg of meat exported to the Czech Republic and in 40kg of beef transports destined for the Slovakian market, Poland’s PAP news agency reported.

EC spokesperson Anca Paduraru said such blanket checks are disproportionate, discriminatory and unlawful. Under EU law, member states may introduce supplementary food inspections, such as border checks, but these must be proportional to the faced threat, RMF24 reported.

Slovakia’s agriculture minister urged supermarket chains to withdraw Polish beef from sale, IAR reported. Gabriela Mateczna said that Poland’s food control system does not guarantee safety of meat products.

Some retailers in Slovakia said they would not be selling Polish cold cuts.,Czech-inspections-of-Polish-meat-illegal-EC


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