CEE Weekly Interest Rate Analysis : Week of February 4th-February 8th

By: Quinnipiac University's Economics Research Team

During the week of February 4th, the general trend was mixed for Central European interest rates (EMU bond convergence rate). Czechia was the only country with a slight rise. Both Hungary and Romania remained relatively the same by the end of the week. Slovakia saw a sharp drop ending the week around 6% lower.

Source: (Graphs Below) Eurostat and own calculations. Currencies are each local currency per Euro. The center line is a rolling three-month average. The upper and lower boundaries are the average plus and minus one standard deviation for the same three-month period.

Most of the Central European interest rates (EMU bond convergence rate) continue to be lower than average. Four out of five are now more than one standard deviation below the three-month benchmark. The Czech interest rate the farthest below its three-month average. The Romanian rate remains close to its average. During the week, Slovakia saw the largest percentage drop.

Source: Eurostat and author’s own calculations.


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