CEE Stock Exchange Report for December 16 – December 27

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

By: The Quinnipiac University Economics Research Team, Jack French

Source: Own calculations based on data collected from each index.

This report covers the two week period from 16th to the 27th of December. The second of those two weeks is usual graphically because of the number of days the market was closed for the holidays. This was a generally positive period for all indices except for the Romanian BET. Notably, the Slovakian SAX jumped significantly from the 19th to the 20th and has remained unchanged since then, mainly due to the market being closed.

The Polish WIG 20 and Czech PX followed each other very closely with both finishing the two week period up about 1.75%. The UK S&P and the UK FTSE displayed behavior similar each other and to the WIG and PX. The Hungarian BUX was down early but finished the two weeks up about 1.8%. The S&P continued to push higher as US markets were reaching all-time highs before dropping slightly on Friday amid little market movement.

Source: Own calculations based on data collected from each index. The first graph shows the previous week’s performance. The remaining graphs show the three-month performance of each of the indices.

The Polish WIG 20 is now in a two week turn around period following a roughly five week slide. This mirrors the broader index trends but also specifically the rally seen in the UK FTSE. The remaining indices are mostly up over the same period but not as sharply as the FTSE or WIG.

The US S&P, Hungarian BUX, and Czech PX continued their recent strong performances while the Romanian BET exhibited little movement. After a period as an outlier for its consistent upwards trend, the Romanian BET has been levelling out somewhat and is now squarely in the middle of the seven indices for three month growth.

The WIG is the only index with a negative return over the trailing three months. The S&P reached a new high in the past week as all US markets were rallying. The three month trend in the S&P has been steadily upwards. This is mirrored by the Hungarian BUX and, to a lesser extent, the Czech PX and Romanian BET. The WIG 20, Slovakian SAX, and FTSE exhibit much more up and down volatility. The WIG and FTSE look somewhat similar while the SAX only occasionally fits in with the group.


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