CEE Exchange Rate Report for January 24th to January 28th

By: Jack Hangen, The Quinnipiac University Economics Research Team

Over the past week, the exchange rates of Central and Eastern European currencies had mixed results with two of the currencies ending in a weaker position and two ending in a stronger position. The Czech Koruna (CZK) and Hungarian Forint (HUF) strengthened against the euro, unlike the two other currencies.

The Czech Koruna experienced an exchange rate of CZK 24.528 to start the week on January 24th. The Koruna had a peak on Wednesday before finishing at CZK 24.443 on January 28th. This week had a total percent change throughout the week of 0.3477%. This left the Czech Koruna in a stronger position compared to the euro at the end of the week.

The Hungarian Forint showed a more volatile trend given the “peaks and valleys” of its path for the week. The Forint started at HUF 359.84 on January 24th and eventually rose to HUF 358.42 to end the week. The Forint had a relative peak on Wednesday, January 26th at HUF 359.67. This peak was followed by a relive low on Thursday January 27th at HUF 358.42. This week had a percent change rate of 0.3962%, this is similar that of the Czech Koruna. This week ended with the Hungarian Forint ended in a stronger position against the euro.

The Polish Zloty’s exchange rate peaked on Wednesday before ending the week in a weaker position. The polish Zloty started the week off at PLN 4.5572 and ended the week at PLN 4.5755. The currency had a relative peak on Wednesday January 27th at PLN 4.5864 before a valley of PLN 4.5592 on Thursday January 27th. The exchange rate had a percent change of -0.3999% which led it to weaken against the euro.

The Romanian Leu’s exchange rate, despite a small decline from Monday to Tuesday, ended up in a weaker position by the end of the week. The week started at RON 4.9453 before a dip on Tuesday January 25th at RON 4.9448. The Romanian Leu ended the week at RON 4.9463. There was a peak on Thursday at Ron 4.9463 before declining to end the week on Friday. There was a percent change rate of -0.0202%, making it the least changed of the week. The Romanian Leu, just like the Polish Zloty ended the week in a weaker position


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