Apple Pay officially rolling out to users in Hungary and Luxembourg

Digital wallets have grown in popularity over the years, The convenience and ease of use of these digitised services have proved to be a boon for product and service utility. Recently, Apple confirmed that they will be rolling out Apple Pay services in Hungary and Luxembourg. The service will have support for debit and credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, and regional banks.

The news of Hungary and Luxembourg expansion plans comes after the rollout of the service in Iceland with two other launch partners. Later, it will be expanded to other regions such as  Greece, Portugal, Romania, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Netherlands as per reports from, ING Bank, online banks and N26. Currently, Apple Pay is working in the UK with several British government services including the country’s Global Entry Service.

The service has seen rapid expansion in European and Middle Eastern regions like Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, and Austria. Now as per reports, experts have noticed certain server-side changes that are common for Apple to make while moving to new regions.  According to Luxembourg bank BGL BNP Paribas, it has been confirmed that Apple Pay is actually coming to the country. Luxembourg has a population of 600,000 people. Hungary, a central European country has a population of 10 million inhabitants. Hence, it is clear why Apple is planning on expanding its services in these countries in the future.

Reports from Apple Insider stated that several users in both countries have reported activation of Apple Pay, which has been further confirmed from the country’s Apple Pay websites. A number of apps that are accepted by Apple pay payments have been highlighted on both the regional Apple Pay pages. Apple launched its Apple Pay services in Iceland this year in May 2019 with support for Landsbankinn and Arion Banki.

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