3 Czech firms make FT list of Europe's Fastest growing Companies

Three Czech companies have made it into the annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, put together by the Financial Times. It lists 1,000 companies that achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2014 and 2017 of at least of 37.7 per cent, compared with 34.6 per cent last year.

The first ten positions are occupied by the United Kingdom, with six companies making it into the top ten. Number one in the FT ranking is Blue Motor Finance, one of the UK’s leading motor finance companies.

The highest ranking Czech company is Accolade Holding, focused on investing in business infrastructure in Central Europe, occupies the 56th spot in the ranking. According to Financial Times, it had recorded a revenue growth of 1,555 percent in the period between 2014 and 2017.

Accolade Holdings owns a network of industrial parks for light industry, related logistics and e-commerce in the Czech Republic and Poland and also operates Brno-Tuřany Airport, this country’s second-busiest airport.

The Czech Republic’s Software Design and Engineering company SRTV reached the 171st spot on the FT list with a compound growth of 770 percent.

Founded in Prague in 2014, SRTV has its main office in Los Angeles, with additional locations in San Francisco and New York. Its development teams, focused on developing, administering and updating apps for top US start-ups, are located in Prague and Brno. Among the company’s biggest successes was the development of the Apple TV application for Tinder.

The third Czech company to make the FT list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies is the online fashion retailer Zoot, which placed in the 330th spot. Established in 2012, Zoot grown by 462 percent over the three-year-period and recorded revenues of 37.5 million euros.

Zoot is currently facing financial troubles, though, and is reportedly planning to close it so-called ‘happiness booths’, special dressing rooms where customers can try on delivered goods and pay for the clothing that suits them.



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