Our Team

InvestCEE was co-founded by Saul Ellison and Chris Ball. Together they edit, curate and manage all the content. They also screen, assess and feature innovative start-up companies from the CEE region looking to enter the U.S. market. They both manage a growing weekly newsletter for investors (institutional & angel) and people interested in the regions business development. Our CEE partner is Forsense which also hosts and develops the site itself.


Saul Ellison

Co-Founder of InvestCEE

Saul Ellison has a B.S. in Finance and minors in economics and political science from Quinnipiac University. He worked as team leader on the InvestCEE project at the Central European Institute. He has worked at various firms including Bloomberg and Ameriprise Financial as a financial analyst, and served as Portfolio Manager of the $2 million Quinnipiac Investment fund. Saul has also worked as a political campaign director of a successful election in Long Island. He currently is a project manager for CEENET based in New York.

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Chris Ball

Co-Founder & Special Advisor of InvestCEE

Chris Ball, PhD is the co-founder and advisor for InvestCEE. Chris serves as the Honorary Hungarian Consul for Connecticut, the executive director of the Central European Institute and the István Széchenyi Chair in International Economics at Quinnipiac University. He is the founder and president of CEENET (Central and East European Network) which organizes cross border trade missions between the US and CEE since 2011 and today is a boutique consulting firm supporting Trans-Atlantic business.