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US Federal Reserve's Response to Covid-19. (click for PDF)

Posted: 5/4/2020
This report is looks at the US monetary policy response during the coronvavirus crisis.  The focus is on US FED policy since the US is a key global economy and the US Dollar is the world reserve currency. 

Link to follow the FED:

What Do CEE Stock Markets Tell Us About GDP? (click for PDF)

Posted: 12/2/2019
This report is looks at the correlations of regional Central European Stock Markets and GDP growth.  We find that some countries display high correlations making weekly stock market data more informative about understanding GDP than in other countries where the correlations are must lower.

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IMF COVID-19 Policy Response Tracker

The IMF tracks and regularly updates the policy responses of 193 countries. We report the IMF's information on the CEE countries.

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