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Aggregating Information and Connecting People 


We collect and present current news on Central Europe and provide periodic special reports (usually economic analysis).  Our focus is on regional business and investment news in all its forms.   


We are regularly tweaking, pivoting and constantly evolving, please leave us feedback so we can improve! 


Our Core Mission


Our core mission is to provide an easy one-stop place for you to find business news on Central Europe.   


Currently we do this by aggregating news from the region.  We are not simply an RSS feed aggregator, however.  Each article is hand selected.  An RSS feed aggregator just fills the page with any junk. We curate the news we provide to ensure we select relevant news.  By starting small and cheap we are flexible and free for users but also limited in our news sources in the region.  We are actively working on partnerships in the region and will expand our content soon. 

Below we share with you many of the key websites we use and reference.  Please visit their sites!


Our Brief History 


The site began in 2015 as a project at the Central European Institute at Quinnipiac University (Hamden, CT, USA).  A group of students worked with a new Central European focused boutique hedge fund to develop a public access platform on topics of interest to American investors.  The idea and project was a success but the timing wasn’t right for the fund or for the university. 


In late 2016 several people involved in the project agreed that it was still a valuable effort and that actually the original concept under-appreciated the full potential.  We agreed in summer 2017 to rethink and then re-launch the project on our own. 


It is no longer just about finance and investment in the traditional sense, but we expanded to include business of all types.  We also especially want to tap into the innovation revolution that is happening in both Central Europe and the US, but globally as well. 

Additionally, we realized that American investors today are looking for good opportunities worldwide and yet there are many business opportunities in the CEE region that struggle to find a voice to be heard in the crowded global world.  Our efforts to help these two groups find each other will be launching in the coming months! 

So, after rethinking and a lot of work, we launched officially in January 2018. 

To learn more about the people behind the site, see Our Team and to learn more about some of the students involved and helping, see Quinnipiac University (QU) Economic Research Team